"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Wasted Talent!!!

Today was a day like any other day until I got the call....
"Honey could you whip up a poem about a porta-pot?"
"Why" I asked? "Something happen?"
"No," he says, "It's that the porta potty on this job has become and issue and no one wants to have it visible...they've moved it several times."  "Why" I asked...  "Well," he says, "the job is at a school and they don't want it to be offensive...and I guess maybe they're embarrassed to enter when everyone can see."
"Oh, my goodness...how silly, these guys are construction workers...have none ever been to the Rose Parade and see the lines for the porta-pots...they go around the block and no one cares."

So I spend the next hour wasting my talent composing a silly poem no one will ever see except a few men in hard hats and work boots. "They can't possibly appreciate what I write or the talent it takes to compose on the spot such a thing..."  So here it is for the world to see...and maybe I'll send it to my sister in law so she can show it to my husband's construction brother...he may understand...and please forgive the not so nice word at the end, 
It's a construction worker thing...

How can you ignore me?, ode to the porta-pot
What is the thing no one will discuss?
Or has the thought to mention aloud
Ignored ‘til you need me I’m otherwise shunned
Anxious to greet me while you’re on the run,
I sit and wait for your daily visit patient enduring 
your cheeks to caress
I care not if your deposit is liquid or an odiferous mess.
No one will admit what my four walls are for
Or why your sorry ass must enter my door 
It’s a thing you all do, to get rid of your poo, 
I wonder why you’re ashamed of my walls azure blue
And when they come with the truck, hoses ready to sanitize
You turn away hold your nose, and cover your eyes
So in my exile away from all human vision
What sadness surrounds me by your outcast decision
Away from the throng, away from you all,
still travel is worth it to reach release
Whether its mild soft cheese or some hot XXX Cantonese
How can you keep me away in my dark noxious fumes?
Are you so ashamed to expel your legumes?                                       
Yet whither thou go-est, It matters naught
You’ll forever need me, your trusty olde porta-pot
With paper to soothe your sore smooth bottom
Sorry for the absent Bidet…I no got-em
I await you still; I hold no grudge…
so visit me often, no matter how far
For it’s better than putting your "stuff" in a jar.

and people wonder what I do all DAY? hmph!

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