"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I'm A Bag Lady'

    So here I am…!      Judy Phan took my picture for the back of the book cover for Cedar Fort…She erased some of my wrinkles I think...thank's Judy, Judy Judy (sorry couldn't resist) I am discovering without an agent maneuvering through contracts and lists of things they want at the publisher (*Cedar Fort Inc.)  is a bit of a maze for a novice like me.  At my age I should be sitting and knitting and crocheting.
 Ha! Fat chance for that one…I’m too nervous.  I just read an article they are doing away with lots of the OCD, Attention Deficit Diagnosis… (Which I always thought was a lack of running around and stuff to do, like milk the cows, or plough the south 40 kind of stuff.)
So anyway  I can sit for about 10 min every evening before I begin my pop up routine, do other stuff and then forget what I was doing in the first place, It’s just that when I sit down, then I remember what I need to do and try to get some other chores done. Also Remember I’m a bit OCD and have to keep moving. EXAMPLE:  I drove to Oceanside to see a “lady doctor” to care for my lady issues.  (They keep changing their office…soon it will be in Mexico I think.)  Before it was in Palm Springs, then I went to a guy in Chandler AZ…Palm Springs was a fast drive and if I wanted my brother Tim has a house down there I could stay in If I was too tired to drive back…BUT now the drive down the I-5 it is a bear so on the way home I began to fall asleep.  I stopped to walk around, when I said I was tired and had a bit of a drive one of the ladies near said I should go to Starbucks next door…I didn’t, but It was tempting…then I thought of how much their drinks cost…and the thought was gone. I stoppd at a mall of course…found nice stuff for my husband, but not for me well...too much…although I tried on a bunch…that alone will wear  you out, so by the time I got home I was pooped.(mostly from calculating the percentage of money off I should get at the sales!)
Did I mention this is a replacement blog entry for a previous entry…that I accidently erased due to the changes in the blog site?  Please Please quit doing that whoever is in charge of this blog site!
That reminds me of my sons, who every time they are here change prgrams on our computer.  I think they forget that we with OLD minds do not do well with change.  So if the blog-spot wants to keep us more matur4e writers, they should not keep changing stuff…it takes long enough to learn one program, much less two…or three or more...and even then it is hard to remember what we did to get the site the way we want it…never mind that I keep changing things…that’s so I don’t get bored of looking at the same things. ANYWAY>>>
In the previous message to myself, and I say this because I am still not convinced enough people read this to make it worthwhile…however, I will continue as I believe it may be in some ways soothing to write stuff down.  So I will tell the story again…back to bags…"I am a bag lady."
I have bags for each class I teach Sunday School, nursing classes, and also for a Play I am directing as well as other kinds of church stuff, sewing, knitting, embroidery projects etc.  I even put up a big coat hanger in the room where I have all my projects and have every hook full of a bag…  It keeps we a little organized.  But woe to me If I pick up the wrong bag when I am rushed and going out the door in a hurry.  I have to be very careful as I wouldn’t want books on cardiology for a class I’m teaching on the Bible.  Or to take my crochet bag to my Pharmacology class. 

The other day the phone rang.  Silence.  Then breathing, and"Ah, u-m, so Grammy, We got your package with the purse/bag for mom."  “That’s nice honey, thanks for the call”  "So um Grammy, Ali and Brooke got one for Christmas and now my mom has one…ah um…so…Silence.  So Honey, Beth, you would like one too.” Yep”, she says.  “Well I could make you one if you like.”   “Yep,…sigh” was the answer and then
she hung up.

Oh foolish me, I should have known she would want one since everyone around her has one, so now I have another project on its way and another bag hanging down the hall in my project room.  Hopefully I don't confuse that bag with my Sunday School class bag.

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