"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Happy Valentines Day, I just opened my Christmas Cards!"

This is a huge confession…sad but true, I just read my Christmas cards and those lovely, yet sometimes long winded notes and missives.   You know one would think at my age…and the age of most of my friends.  The overdone messages should be forgotten, suffice it to say, “Hey! I’m alive, my spouse is too…or not, and my kids are not in drug rehab.  The grandkids haven’t started to drive yet so you are safe on the roads for another year…and leave it to that!  I must admit I run a lot of ink on a montage of photos…mostly sent to folks who wonder who the squinty eyed people are but who sort-of recognize one or two on the page.  Oh well maybe I’ll do better next year…but I doubt it.  My busy notch has been at the top for several weeks now and I see no rest in sight.  Between the play, I mostly wrote in just a few days, and now the contract with Cedar Fort, I am the run around person extraordinaire.   
And on top of that one have I told you yet my hubby has decided to re-do the ceiling in every room…yes you can imagine the mess. Take down the cottage cheese and then put up a new knock down something ceiling he expects me to paint…Ya! Right! And considering how long it took to do the doors. 
Oops the last one needs painting. (my job) and is not done yet.  And when it is all done we put the house for sale and move…yes out of Calif. unless we get some huge influx of cash. (One can always hope as I lovelove the beach)  Enough to pay for the welfare of about 5.3 people who are here illegally including health care and the TB they bring in.  Hey! What ever happened to Ellis Island where my relatives landed where they lifted your eyelid with a button hook and sent you back home if your sclera looked red…or maybe even a little pink!  No coughing was allowed either.  
When I was a nursing student we treated the TB patients at Olive View hospital who lived in bungalows and handed them huge cups of pills to consume until the organism was encapsulated and they were no longer communicable.  Now if you even mention someone looks sick you are told to shut up or you will be labeled racist. 
I say, not racist…just wary of new organisms and junk brought in by unsuspecting folks.  And if they went through proper procedure, they would be treated before they could bring such stuff into our country.  Okay enough of that rant!  I’ve just seen the county clinics loaded down with entire families of 16 or 17 coming in for medication.  Medication I am paying for and the cost is driving many out of the state they have lived in for all, or most of their life.  NOT FAIR Governor Brown.
We did go to the beach for our anniversary, relaxed and saw some old friends...it will make me very sad to move away.  Every time we go to Hollywood beach we see something different like these little critters who wash up on the beach then run away to the sand!

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