"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Show me the way out...Good bye School Board! 2010

Everyone down in the Valley loved Hart district a lot
Pat lived in Valencia, had some great ideas … she thought!

So I’ll run for the Board, give a hand and help out—
“That’s a great idea… husband and five kids said with a shout!

Little did they know the wild ride had just begun
For 16 years she’d be gone a lot… having what the district called fun?

But she loved the district, she loved it a lot
“I’ll work ‘til all call Hart District Camelot”

Now this was not easy for when elected in ninety three
Soon was a 6.8 shaker that turned students to refugees

Gym took place in a tent…the auditorium took years to mend
And FEMA, chain link and construction became her best friend

“Oh My!  Look at us… our seven thousand kids are sure a tight fit
Let’s build with state funds, and lots of permits”

On board came Valencia, and La Mesa… on a hill, at the top
Then Bowman moved to a site, not far from the bus and train stop

She said, “Let’s get computers” There were none for a web connect
“We’ll use Sassy, do research for fun and intellect”

Pat saw Programs galore with “Second to None”, Caught in the Middle,
“No Child Left Behind” I think there was one they called “Hey Diddle Diddle”

“Most important of all for students to thrive is parent connect” she said…
And Teachers who love kids, don’t say “Off with their heads”

She saw Superintedents who stayed for a while, they came and they went…
Smythe, Swanson, Lee, Castillianos, all strove for Hart District betterment

Unions came to the board for much better conditions
With no money agreed… We were quite the magicians

Houses went up, students flowed to the seats,
If we had had rubber walls that would have been real neat

Then Boundaries again the board had to divide
Parents came and complained, and they stomped and they cried,
“Do this to the kids on the other side”

People came unglued, ranted public comment raves
She learned to just sit there thick skinned and behave

Pat thought… “But what’s best for all kids that must be the test
So let’s look at what’s right and throw out the rest”

With all of the houses, Students came short… and some tall
Soon the Board knew schools once again were too small

And Pat loved the district…she loved it a lot
Building money ran low there was an empty cash pot

“But we need more schools we need books we need seats”
Then another bond passed and that was real neat…

The Foundation was begun to get bang for the buck
Yet some in the Valley accused the Board had run amuck

Hill top land was found…But! No roads led to the building pad
So they went to the city for help…their story was sad

The city said “Hey, We wanted a road in that place all along”
Then partnered to take care of the 20 thousand kid throng

Modernization, summer sprints, science labs, change orders galore
Soon they opened the doors “yes count them…four more”

Yet student scores soared, stayed at the top of the heap
In football and track made other districts weep.

Though she worked hard on board policy and special-ed
Sometimes she got weary and just went to bed

“Lets’ be safe, let’s be healthy, have TP galore
Wash your hands”, she said…as she went out the door

And Pat loved the district her whole board season
She’s nuts, she’s crazy, Oh! There must be a reason!

It could be her head wasn’t screwed on just right,
Or it could be perhaps that her shoes were too tight

But what ever the reason her heart or her shoes
Now she’s leaving the district and she has the blues

“It’s my time to go, give others a chance
Don’t forget the art’s centers for drama and dance”

“I’ll be watching… be sure to the plan you all stay
Or I’ll haunt you till your send out your resume”

Many friends she has made and loved sixteen long years
Goodbye to them all with some hugs and some tears

Though her heart beats real heavy… her step is real light
As she waves for the last time… goes into the night

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