"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Naked Came the Bruce

Naked Came the Bruce,
                         by P.A. Hanrion

I guess as we get older lots of things about us change
like how we look and how we think and we get mighty strange

I have noticed as my days and years quickly pass me by
Some things the elder generation does, leaves me to shrug and sigh

The eyes are most the first to go and with that a fashion sense
And if you make a small comment, you're met with impudence

"That stuff don't match!" you mention, just to help a longtime friend
"The red and orange with that pink, it kinda doesn't blend."

"You mind your manners" you are told, "I am the one who knows."
"I've been on this here earth much longer than Old Joe Blow."

The smell and taste are next to go and follows really fast
So enjoy your food while you are young, cuz it ain't gonna last

But, the ones who lose their modesty have really gone too far
Cuz naked folks ain't pretty when their teeth are in a jar!

"It shore is hot", Bruce said to me as he greeted at the door
He reminded me of the story of the foolish Emperor

"Come on in" he beckoned, just like nothing was amiss
He seemed to take no notice of his bare butt nakedness

So I came in and sat right down and kept my eyes averted
We talked about the recent news, and other things we'd read

He wiped his brow and settled in on the couch of Naugahyde
And I wondered if I could make a running break for the safety of outside

And later as I pondered life and all that it can bring
I know that for a certainty, I beg you do this thing.

GET OUT THAT GUN, AND SHOOT ME QUICK!:, if I wander in my skin
Cuz it ain't pretty...not one bit, not even if it's yur kin.

(Written after my husband went to visit his Uncle.  I wondered why Patrick never came out to invite me in once he knew his Uncle was home...but realized later why, and was grateful he left me to wait in the car.)

Last week I spoke to a 6th grade class about writing, and poetry.  After reading several of my works, one of the questions was, "Why do you continue to write now that your not in school, and don't need a grade to pass a class?"  I know lots of people never write a story or anything much once they're out of school, unless it's required by their job.  So I guess I'm one of the few who write as an outlet or to keep a record of things that have happened.  I'm often inspired by events, or people.  Through the years I've written lots of stories, poems, theater presentations, and have now completed my first novel...which may be my only novel if I can't get it published.

Putting some of my stories and poems in this blog is at least a way to get some of my works beyond my computer....and into the world...and recorded for my kids to see.

I found this written on a scrap of paper stuffed in the back of the drawer...I think I was mad!

Sometimes life is a stale piece of pie
Sometimes people only think of  "I"
Sometimes I feel like all I get is the crumbs
All I do is sit and twiddle my thumbs
I get the left-overs the remnants
I want to make you a coat of cement
I should be happy with what I got..
but I'm NOT.

What do you think?

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