"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015



It's difficult to move when you retire. Don't get me wrong...we love our new home in Arizona and the people are wonderful and welcoming.

NO! that's not it...It's hard to move because there are too many numbers to remember. Just try it!

First a new address
Then a new phone number
Remember your new zip code
a new bank account number
Then don't forget which phone number and or zip code you used for:
Best Buy
Office Max
Rite aid
Shell gas
American Express
and other various and sundry kinds of cards

Usually as I approach the cash register I am fishing around my purse trying to find the card that matches the establishment where I wish to make a purchase. And I have stood at the check out counter like a dunce trying to decide which numbers to spit out to be able to use the card..

(HMM, did I change the code to the new address, because if not it could be our old phone number or cell phone, or my husband's cell phone if he took out the account!) 

All I want is to get the deal as advertised but without the special card and corresponding numbers the clerk says "Sorry lady." as they ask you to chortle  out a password plus; your favorite childhood  friend, a movie you laughed at, your first teacher, or first pet or your Mother's Brothers Wife's sisters maiden name...

Yes, Each card wants something different! They may say...Use all capitols, no special keys, no numbers, or you must use a number...so no matter how hard you try to give the same user name and code...you are foiled. and with a small variation you become doomed to... "If you enter the wrong code again, you will be locked up and we will throw away the key!"

At the gas station when I entered the wrong zip code I was sent Inside to talk to the cashier as if I has stolen the card from another old babe who looks kinda like me.

At least the Arizona License looks like me with almost shoulder length hair...I am a little worried about when we go on our cruise with our friends the Barnes and use my passport. It is a few years old and will expire next year. I am hoping  they will let me back into the USA.  At the time I got the passport I had very short hair, a-la Peter Pan. Now my cheeks are much rounder and quite rosy. Hmmm I make a good Mrs. Clause.

But I digress...FOLKS I truly recommend moving to a more economical place when you retire...smart move...but don't wait too long or the smart will be gone. Your memory shot and you will struggle to identify who you really are as if you were someone like the guy in the Jason Borne movies.

My brother bought a small device where all his codes and passwords are entered. As he endeavored to show us his nifty new toy...he could not give us a demonstration...why? don't ask...you already know the answer...HE COULDN'T REMEMBER THE PASSWORD! and he hasn't moved in 30 years....oh the humanity!


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