"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Packin' heat in Wallmart...enter Arizona at your own risk!

(This is the "No Firearms" sign was on the door of the Italian restaurant where we had dinner...in upper state Az.)
Arizona is very different from other states we discovered last weekend.  We went to a little town in Northern Arizona to get away from the heat...it was only 92 in the daytime, instead of 115, and went down to 69 at night.  Even the water from the tap was cool...not cold mind you...but at least cool. There were a few pines and mountains which is a change from the flat around here in Chandler near Phoenix.  Flat, flat, flat....
We went out to dinner the first night we were in Payson.  I noticed on the door was a sign warning to not carry a weapon inside. Since neither of us had ever seen such a sign we decided it must be on all restaurants in Arizona.  But then as we drove back to the motel, I looked at the numerous fast food places...every fast food place I had ever seen was present within the space of two blocks...(except In-n-out) Anyway, none of them had the special sign.
It wasn't until the next night when we went to get a burger we figured out how the law must work.  The burger place had a small bar area in the corner of the establishment.  And there again was the sign...no firearms.  I came to the conclusion that any place where they serve alcohol you are not allowed to carry a loaded firearm...into the establishment. (See photo above) 
We recently discovered the State of Arizona has a state gun...the Colt 45.  An interesting and cool fact I thought, until I went into Wall-mart and saw a young man with a gun strapped to his hip in the check out line.  
It was out there for everyone to see, so it wasn't a concealed weapon.  (I wanted to get a concealed carry license for my Glock, here in Arizona, but guess it's okay if I just wear it hanging from my purse.) I know you need a permit to carry a concealed weapon, like in a shoulder holster under your coat...but this was in the open! 
I mentioned the semantics to Patrick..."It wasn't concealed...right out there in the open like when we were on a train in Italy and a bunch of guys came on with Uzi's over their shoulders."  That experience was intimidating and a bit scary.  But then again the military men were in uniform and you knew they had at least trained to use their weapon, quite different from feeling confident about a dad shopping for bananas packing a gun on his hip!  

After we got home our son Patrick shared and article he read about a guy in Chandler who shot his penis by having his gun in his waist band in Fry's groceries...the same store where we shop...I'm not sure if I would offer first aid help to a guy so stupid he didn't have on the safety...but most likely my nurse self would take over...Or NOT!

After seeing the Wallmart packin' dad, I thought...what if a guy was drinking at a bar without his gun...then went down the street to Safeway fully drunk...but he could have his gun in there!  Maybe that's what happened to the guy in Fry's

I'm using Helvecta type, sans serif (without curly cues)...the kind required at a book submission I recently sent off....(Still working on the "Chiasmus Cipher"), the deadline was close so after changing from my Times Roman, all my spacing was off...I quickly went through my 111,000 word novel...Ha! and it was sent in with many problems in spacing among other things I have found..so I don't have a rat's chance of anyone reading it...DARN!

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