"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com

"The Jingle Bell Bum" (Read The Touching True Story...please!) Comment at patriciahanrion.com
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I have OCD, a black thumb and mosquito bite resistance...But that's Okay cuz I got piles!

I am looking at some fake red and blue flowers in a water glass as I type. I put them there so I’m not looking at a blank wall, or the thermostat…If I had real flowers within a very short time they would be dead…so I don’t try to grow them anymore.  I know that sounds like a cop-out, but it’s true. I figure it gives the people who make fake flowers a job.

Now my mom has a really really green thumb…she planted a seed from a grapefruit one time in the back yard when I was a kid after we moved to California from New Jersey...and years later when she moved out to Santa Clarita after my dad passed away…one of the sad things was that she had to leave behind this huge grapefruit tree and the amazing crop of fruit it produced every year. 

At least I can look out the window here at the Chandler Apartment and see some grass…mostly rocks, but some grass and cactus too.  Arizona landscape is done up with rocks, and a few scattered cactus…and the Grackle bird struts about on the rocks;  an intriguing fellow who looks somewhat like a blackbird, but sounds like about 8 other birds and walks everywhere.  Must be too hot to fly!

At my Mom’s condo in Valencia…she has so many plants it looks like a jungle, and I don’t think she does much more than water them…but it must be like mosquito bites…Okay, how does that connect.  It does because it's one of those things no one understands. Some can grow plants...others can't. (mostly I forget to water, then water them too much!) 

The mosquito bite anomaly: (some are plagued by them, others never get a bite) 
I can be camping in an area where everyone is covered with bug bites and I won’t have one.  I’m not sure if they don’t like me, I’m sour or what but, I never get any, no matter how many of the critters are in the area…they just go for other meat!

One time we went camping and Patrick became breakfast, lunch and dinner for every flying insect known to man.  His forehead was so swollen it looked like Frankenstein.
I wasn’t even an appetizer…go figure…the same goes for plants…just not happening for me…go figure!

Well after being here in Chandler for four weeks I have confirmed my OCD.  Now I know I count steps, and have for some time.  This can be extremely annoying especially now that I am in an upstairs apartment.  I know there are 18 steps to get up here…, or 60 steps out to the car in the parking lot...the same as I know there are 13 steps to the landing and three down to the floor at our house in Calif…however that does not seem to stop me, every stinking time I go up or down…like a mantra in my head 1-2-3-4…for those of you who do not have this malady “count” it as a blessing.  Get it ha! Count.  There must be other symptoms, but mine are sporadic, so maybe my case is transitory.  Don’t expect my house to be spotless, like they say OCD victims have their homes...I have piles. It's the way I can be neat, and organized...Piles.

Piles of bills, piles of sewing and craft projects…piles of paper with half finished poems, or ideas for stories all over the place…don’t move one of my piles!  I will get to it eventually.  In fact while I’ve been here in Chandler away from distractions ...somewhat…I have completed several of my piles.  

I brought an entire suitcase of piles with me to work on.  You see...I start a project, and before it’s done move to another.  Sometimes it is years before I get back to that particular pile, but eventually I do.  Really I do!  Yes...I’ve finished several of the piles I brought with me, but sorry to say, I have started a few new piles…I like piles.  it's a way to be able to work on several things at once. I cannot sit still. I don't know why and have a terrible time sitting for 3 hours in church...I just must multi-task to keep from jumping out of my own skin. Watching TV and sewing, knitting and listening to a book, writing a book and thinking about my next nursing class.

 I know my kids for years have said I never sit down, or if I do it's not for long.  But with five kids, I got an amazing amount of stuff done because of multitasking and my piles, and pretty much doing two or three things at once.  Like today, I'm sewing, listening to a book and doing laundry...maybe some vacuuming too.

So in the long run, for me anyway, I guess OCD and a few other odd things have been a blessing, no mosquito bites, and I can just leave the plant growing to others with that special something...I don't have.  I have enough to do anyway. I Got Piles!

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